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Do you need a quote on a new EV charging unit? We offer premium chargers for all makes of electric vehicles. Our units vary in cost and use, whether it is for personal use or for you business we can properly address your EV charging needs. We proudly sell all levels of EV charging units for municipal, commercial or personal use, we also provide professional installation and extended warranty for any EV Calgary purchased EV charging unit. Call today for a free quote.


An EV charging unit requires the installation from a professional electrician. If you need a new charger, or you need your charger for your new vehicle installed, our team of experts will ensure your charging unit is installed professionally and have the longevity you require. Our charger installation process ensures top notch customer service and quality workmanship creating a seamless process to have you quickly using your vehicle.

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EV Charger Installation | EV Charging Calgary


We generally recommend that a charging unit has an annual maintenance to ensure it is running at optimal efficiency and to avoid any future damages. We help with general ware and tare, full unit repairs and the general maintenance that is required for the EV chargers up-keep. Call us for any inquiries or to request and EV charger inspection


An Electric Vehicle requires a large sum of energy and so does the charger, with the EV charger installation it is important to ensure that the proper surge protection is in place to prevent damages to the buildings electrical system and the vehicle. At EV Calgary we ensure that each installation or repair has the necessary surge protection in place for the units voltage.

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Electrical Panel Panel Upgrade | EV Charging Calgary


Similar to surge protection often a home or businesses electrical system is outdated, thus requiring certain upgrades to support the EV Charging unit. EV Calgary proudly offers competitive pricing on Panel Upgrades to ensure you have the proper panel for your charging unit. Contact us for any inquiries and for a free estimate on your current electrical panel.


Municipal offices, public parking lots, hotels and commercial buildings can all greatly benefit from the addition of a public EV charging unit. Not only will it enhance the customers experience it will also provide a sustainable energy source and decrease the overall emissions of a business or office. We offer a wide range of commercial grade public charging units designed for a multitude of uses.

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Have you recently purchased an Electric Vehicle? We are happy to assist with the installation, maintenance and repair of your personal charging unit. We provide 24/7 assistance to ensure your charger is always running. Our residential departments is pleased to answer any and all inquiries.


Having and EV charging station at the office allows yourself or employees to charge their vehicle while at work. EV Charging units provide an environmentally friendly option for businesses to decrease their emissions.

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