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A Team of Professional Electricians Dedicated to Helping Our Community Through Helping Our Environment.

EV Calgary aims to provide the Calgary community with the knowledge and services in the quickly evolving Electric Vehicle market. The installation and maintenance of an EV unit requires the expertise of not only a licensed electrician but also an EV expert. Trust the experts at EV Calgary.


Have you recently purchased an Electric Vehicle? The next step is to install your at home charging unit, it is important to make sure you have the proper voltage and surge protection.


Repairing an EV unit can be very dangerous for a consumer. The high level of voltage needed with the complex system can cause injury. Our team of experts will get your repair done quickly.


An annual check-up is recommended to prevent damages and also to ensure your EV charging unit is running at optimum efficiency. We have an honest and cost effective maintenance package.

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We make the installation process quick and seamless, so you can begin to enjoy the luxury and savings of an electric vehicle.

We Are Dedicated to Our Customers & The Environment

 We practice the highest level of customer service through all levels of the organization. Our emphasis on environmental sustainability and proper business practices lets us set the benchmark for the Electric Vehicle market in Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta. Our objective is to provide more then a service and we accomplish this by preparing for the future.


We love helping customers discover their passion for electric vehicles, we provide education on the best practices and maintenance for charger, to ensure you get the longevity you expect. Let us help with your EV installation and up-keep.


Having and EV charging station at the office allows yourself or employees to charge their vehicle while at work. EV Charging units provide an environmentally friendly option for businesses to decrease their emissions.


As Electric Cars become increasingly more popular so will the need for pubic charging stations. Municipal and commercial parking lots can increase business and also provide a much needed environmentally sustainable resource to customers.

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